Kumasi. That’s extra!

Kumasi is a new natural soft drink with an extraordinary taste. It is made from the tropical fruit juice of the cocoa pulp.

Normally the pulp is thrown away, but by making Kumasi from it cocoa farmers earn extra money.  Because its tropical, fresh flavours makes it ideal to make an extra tasty natural soft drink.

And it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but like an extraordinary fresh-sweet mix of lychee, pear and white peach!

So, it’s extra tasty for you. But also extra money for the cocoa farmer.

Heerlijke fruitige dorstlesser.
Natuurlijk sap en water.
Extraordinary en tropisch van smaak

Kun jij niet kiezen tussen de smaak Gassi of Sappi? Combineer dan het beste van Kumasi door ons DUO pack 2×3 te bestellen.

Prikkelend en smaakvol.
Natuurlijk sap en bruisend water.
Ook lekker voor in je cocktail of mixdrankje!

Meet Kumasi

Watch our docu

Kumasi is created during a documentary about cocoa farmers in Ghana.