ETG/Beyond beans

The faithful partner in Kumasi Drinks from day one. ETG/Beyond Beans is a cocoa trader that distinguishes itself with sustainable projects and support within farming communities. Our juice comes from farmers where ETG/Beyond Beans buy cocoa beans. In this way we work together towards better living conditions.


KOA Impact is our important process partner in Ghana. We work together in the communities where our juice comes from. KOA does the technical processes and training, we do the validation of the impact (including extra income farmers, gender-equality interventions). In this close collaboration we are completely open to each other and we share all the data we collect with each other.

Royal Tropical Institute

Kumasi is a brand that makes impact accessible. But impact is not just a buzzword for us. KIT was already involved in the Kumasi Drinks set-up before the official foundation and carries out impact studies in the communities such as extra income for the farmers, money flows and living conditions of women in the communities. To measure is to know. 


Solidaridad has many years of experience in promoting fairer international production chains. They are working hard for farmers in the countries where raw materials come from. Within Kumasi they help set up a ‘share trade’ model, in which farmers receive a fair share.


It is important for Kumasi to have local partners. Fedco is a so-called Licensed Buying Company. They buy the cocoa for ETG/Beyond Beans. As a local purchaser, they have close contacts with the farming communities. They train farmers and help them with farming techniques and sustainability programs.


Döhler Nederland is specialized in juice processing of fresh fruit. They help Kumasi with quality processes and product development of our drinks. As a global juice company, they see an opportunity in Kumasi to contribute to making production chains more sustainable.


Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Fund for Responsible Business (RVO FVO) has given us the confidence to start up and build up Kumasi Drinks. That takes courage! We started as a wild plan with good intentions, but thanks to RVO we are growing into a scalable social enterprise with actual (measurable!) impact.


IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative) with its Cocoa Origins program supports Kumasi with further expanding impact in West Africa. This year we are starting a project with our partners in Ivory Coast where we combine Bean to Bar Chocolate with applications of cocoa fruit juice. This is done within and with a cocoa cooperative that is run and managed by women.


Rokbar is met mede-oprichtster Anna Laven een onze beste vriendinnen. Rokbar maakt een chocoladereep die van A tot Z door vrouwen is gemaakt. Maar Rokbar is breder dan die vrouwenreep en zet zich in voor eerlijke kansen voor vrouwen binnen de cacaoketen in het algemeen en voor Kumasi in de gemeenschappen waar ons sap vandaan komt.