Kumasi has a clear vision on impact. We want to create as much demand for this delicious juice as possible so that as many farmers as possible can increase their income with a residual product.   KUMASI DRINKS: These are the cans and bottles in stores in the Netherlands and other European countries. More and more stores are joining, more and more consumers are buying it. And this allows more and more farmers to participate.   KUMASI CONNECTS: We help farmers set up their own local juice lines with materials, our knowledge and funding. Farmers sell bottles of their own cocoa fruit juice, under their own brandname, in the local markets.     Impact is not a buzzword for us. No bullshit. We measure, validate and intervene in the communities where we are active with cooperation partners Royal Tropical Institute and Solidaridad.
Many cocoa farmers in Ghana earn far too little to make a decent living. By paying for a product that normally flows away, we can increase farmers’ income per kilo of cocoa by up to 30%.
Unfortunately, there is still a lot of inequality between men and women in the cocoa sector, both in income and in the role of women within the communities. Kumasi strives for a 50/50 split in our supply chain and promotes gender equality within the communities we work with.
Our Kumasi Sappis and Gassis are made from a waste product of the cocoa fruit; the pulp. By turning it into a product, we ensure that less food waste occurs in the production chain In addition, we bring a story to the consumer with every bottle of Kumasi

Heerlijke fruitige dorstlesser.
Natuurlijk sap en water.
Extraordinary en tropisch van smaak

Kun jij niet kiezen tussen de smaak Gassi of Sappi? Combineer dan het beste van Kumasi door ons DUO pack 2×3 te bestellen.

Prikkelend en smaakvol.
Natuurlijk sap en bruisend water.
Ook lekker voor in je cocktail of mixdrankje!