Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region in Ghana, where a lot of cocoa is grown. Just below Kumasi, Lars started experimenting with the juice from the cocoa fruit with the first farmers.

Kumasi is a soft drink made from the juice of the cocoa fruit as the absolute main ingredient. In addition, the natural juices of white grape, apple and lemon provide an extra fresh and tropical touch.

You can buy Kumasi here in our webshop click here, but also at a rapidly growing number of locations throughout the Netherlands. Click here for the Kumasi Map click here

Cocoa farmers in West Africa are often totally dependent on the yield of their cocoa beans and they earn too little to live decently. During the production of cocoa, the juice that is released flows into the soil. By selling it, the farmers have an extra income stream.


We measure and validate the impact we make. Currently, farmers earn 27% extra income per kilo of cocoa beans through the sale of Kumasi.

It doesn’t taste like cocoa or chocolate. But imagine a fresh-sweet mix of lychee, white peach, mango. It is new in the Netherlands and has a special taste that you can of course taste yourself. In consumer tests we got an average score of 8.1! Well, just try it!

Kumasi is your healthier soda. No chemicals, no added sugars!

The juice of the fruit is naturally tasty

Nice. That’s possible. We notice that more and more shops and catering shops want something special in their assortment. That can be a drink that is very unique in taste. Or a drink that has a good impact story. Or a drink with no junk, that is completely natural.

Or something that has it all. Kumasi, of course, naturally different.

Above all you have to know yourself when you want to drink it. We notice that people often drink the Sappi variant during the day and from about four o’clock the bustling Gassi is opened more often. At home and on the terrace, at a party or during a dinner. Everything is possible.

Yes! Definitely! Gin and vodka are the favorite mixes so far. Especially in the Kumasi Gassi. But do let us know if you have discovered a new flavor combination! For example, the guys of Dik & Schil already made the ‘Sappi Sour’: https://dikenschil.nl/sappi-sour

The cocoa industry is traditionally (for centuries) only interested in the beans. Billions of liters of delicious juice flow into the ground every year.

The juice is hard to collect and process. But we’ve found a way with our partners!