About Kumasi


Kumasi Drinks originated during the making of a documentary about the cocoa industry in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The capital of that region is, yes, Kumasi!

Many farmers are totally dependent on the sale of cocoa, but they live below the poverty line.

That has to change, we thought. That’s why we started collecting cocoa fruit juice with a group of farmers near Kumasi

Cocoa fruit juice?

The juicy fruit pulp surrounding the cocoa bean is healthy and extraordinary tasty. It doesn’t taste like cocoa or chocolate but like a kind of mix of lychee, mango and white peach. Normally it flows away when the cocoa fruit is broken open. For centuries, the industry has only been interested in the beans from which they make chocolate. But the juice is ideal for making extra tasty soft drinks.


Extra Fruity

Kumasi is made from the extraordinary fresh sweet juice from the cocoa fruit. This sunny, tropical flavor explosion will make you shine.



Extra Natural

The ingredients in Kumasi Drinks are 100% natural and contain no added sugars. It’s delicious enough as it is.



Extra Money

Cocoa fruit juice normally flows away. By making soft drinks from it, Kumasi not only ensures less food waste, but also 30% (!) extra income per kilogram of cocoa for farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.



Extra tasty

You can drink Kumasi directly from the bottle. Or you can make a nice cocktail with it.

There are currently two variants on the market. Kumasi Sappi (c) is the fruity thirst quencher and Gassi (c) is the flavoursome, tantalizing sister.

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